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United Autoworkers Union endorses Biden

6 months ago
Charlie Sprang

The Hill
April 21, 2020 – 01:26 PM EDT

The United Autoworkers Union (AWU) endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential bid on Tuesday, citing his commitment to putting a check on corporate power.

The union said in a statement to The Associated Press that the U.S. was in need of stability “and more balance to the rights and protections of working Americans.”

“This issue demonstrates the need for presidential leadership to follow the guidance of science and give workers a seat in discussions over their safety and well-being,” the statement said.

Tuesday’s endorsement comes after the group threw its support behind Biden’s plan to reopen the U.S economy on Monday.

“Former Vice President Biden’s plan relies on experts and science-based factors, acknowledges the need for adequate testing and oversight of safety in reopening workplaces, and is devoid of partisan acrimony,” UAW President Rory Gamble said in a statement.

The union, which represents workers at Ford, General Motors and Chrysler Fiat, was not included in President Trump’s task force to reopen the economy. However, leaders from the companies were included on the economy task force.

General Motors was also recently contracted by President Trump under the Defense Production Act to make ventilators.

About 400,000 workers make up the union, which has a history of backing Democrats, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016, for president.

However, The Associated Press reports that internal polls of the companies show that 30 percent of its members voted Republican in the past three general elections.

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