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Camden NJ:  Amerinox Processing is a full-range stainless steel processor located in Camden NJ.  The company was founded in 2002 and, according to their website, they are the premiere processor of stainless, aluminum, red metals, titanium and certain coated carbon steels.

The owners of Amerinox live lavishly in upscale neighborhoods and, by all accounts, do very well for themselves.

However, their employees do not even have the benefit of a bargaining agreement and do not enjoy representation which would afford them better working conditions, better pay, better benefits  and rights.

The Sheet Metal Workers Local 19 want to change that and represent this dedicated group of workers to enhance their opportunities.  Amerinox’s promises are not guaranteed, but a negotiated collective bargaining agreement would be.  Local 19 has experience in representing these types of work forces, successfully representing the workers at Metals USA for the past several years.

Ameriniox’s management has engaged in union busting tactics because they want to continue to hold down their workers, showing great disrespect for their rights.

You have a voice, and your vote counts. Don’t let their tactics dictate your life or future.  By voting Yes to Local 19 you can have:

Self Worth

Better Wages

Equality and Fairness

Job Security

Eliminate intimidation and scare tactics

Better benefits for your families

Safer working conditions

An understanding of what rights you have

And be assured of strong representation and a voice.

For information contact Bryan Blum at or Bob Gadsby at at or call 215-952-1999 and ask for them.

You can also visit the Sheet Metal Workers at for more information about how they can help you.

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