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National AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka Has A ‘Special Message’ To Union Members Who Voted For Trump

3 years ago
Charlie Sprang

Published Friday, June 12, 2020
by St. Louis Labor Tribune

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – As National AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka announced via video message the Nationwide Labor Federation’s endorsement of Democrat Joe Biden for President in late May, Trumka also took the time to note that many frustrated Rank-and-File Union Members had voted for Republican Donald Trump in 2016. So, Trumka also took the time to directly address Pro-Trump Union Members.

In the video, Trumka said the National AFL-CIO was openly critical of the Obama-Biden Administration over a number of issues, including the so-called Cadillac Tax on health plans that was repealed late last year and the failure to pass the Employee Free Choice Act, a Bill that would make Union Organizing easier.

Back in 2016, Trumka said Trump was able to tap into Working People’s frustrations, but since that time, Trump’s policies have been nothing short of an attack on Workers everywhere.

“Donald Trump campaigned as a ‘friend’ of Workers, talking about a ‘new direction and a new day after decades of policies that left us poorer and weaker.’ Some Working People, ‘desperate for a rapid departure from business as usual, took a chance on Trump.’ ‘Look, I get it,’” Trumka said. “(But) over the past four years, (Trump) ‘showed his true colors.’ He ‘slashed’ rules ‘designed to protect us on the job.’ He ‘cut’ Workplace Health and Safety Inspectors ‘to their lowest level in history.’ He ‘took overtime pay away from millions of Workers.’ ‘At every turn, he’s actively undermined Collective Bargaining and the freedom to form a Union.’ The path to the Presidency ‘runs through’ the Labor Movement ‘and with the full force and unmatched reach of our political program, we are ready to pave that road for our friend, Joe Biden,’” Trumka said.

At every turn, Trump and his appointees have made increasing the power of corporations over Working People their top priority and the list of the damage done to working people by the Trump Administration is long and growing every day.

Here are a few examples:

Trump has encouraged freeloaders, made it more difficult to enforce Collective Bargaining Agreements, silenced Workers and restricted the freedom to join Unions.
Trump has packed the courts with Anti-Labor Judges who have made the entire Public Sector “Right-To-Work – For Less” in an attempt to financially weaken Unions by increasing the number of freeloaders.

Trump has stacked the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) with Anti-Union Appointees who side with employers in contract disputes and support companies who delay and stall Union Elections, misclassify Workers to take away their freedom to join a Union, and silence Workers.

Trump has made it easier for employers to fire or penalize Workers who speak up for better pay and working conditions or exercise their right to Strike.
Trump promised to veto the PRO Act and the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act, historic legislation that will reverse decades of legislation meant to crush Private Sector Unions and shift power away from CEOs to Workers.

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