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No New NAFTA Until It’s Fixed!

5 months ago
Chris Ferrari

Credit: PA AFL-CIO

For the better part of a generation, our global trading system has been rigged to enrich corporations at the expense of working people—and no deal has done more damage than NAFTA. We are hungry for a North American trade deal that lifts wages and improves livelihoods. The new NAFTA, also known as the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA), as proposed falls short, and that’s why America’s working families will keep fighting to fix it.“It needs to be fixed. We can take this opportunity and turn it into something very, very good for this country—but not with the attitude of ‘take it or leave it.’ Because, if we were forced to do take it—as it is, incomplete and unenforceable—or leave it, we would have to leave it.”

As it stands, the current proposal still falls short of a fair deal for working people. The labor movement is demanding key improvements on a series of problems in the new NAFTA (also known as the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement or USMCA):

  1. The proposal doesn’t end the outsourcing of good-paying American jobs to Mexico and other low-wage countries. 
  2. Without stronger enforcement provisions and labor reform in Mexico, workers will continue to face poverty wages and anti-union violence. 
  3. Monopoly rights for Big Pharma would keep drug prices sky high, and new rules would undermine protections such as workplace safety.

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