Norcross Leading Charge For Workers

5 years ago
Chris Ferrari

Congressman Norcross Leading the Charge for Workers in Congressional Committee Appointments

By Lynda L. Hinkle, Esq.

Congressman Norcross of the 1st Congressional District has been appointed to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce for this term, as well as to the House Armed Services Committee. He also has the honor of being reappointed as Assistant Whip and appointed to the United States Congressional Steering and Policy Committee of the House of Representatives, a Democratic leadership committee.

Regarding his service on the Education and Workforce Committee, Norcross said in his media release, “It’s an honor to represent New Jersey’s working families on the Education and Workforce Committee. This is a continuation of my lifelong fight to defend hard working men and women and make certain that every person has the dignity of a good paying job. I’ve built bridges and buildings across South Jersey, and now I’m working to build bridges in Washington – by working with both sides of the aisle to fight for policies that put American workers first.”

Congressman Norcross expects to be named to the subcommittees on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions and Workforce Protections . He says, “This is like going home, being in my wheelhouse. They talked already about more accountability from unions and I’m there to share with them that Unions have a considerable amount of oversight already but there needs to be a balance. I am the only business agent ever to be elected to Congress, so I’ll have a unique perspective to bring to these discussions.”

Asked about right-to-work legislation moving forward in this term, Congressman Norcross states, “It’s always on the minds of a core group of the far right…We’ll be looking to allies who have been with us and continuing to fight.”  National right-to-work legislation was introduced to Congress on February 1, 2017 by Iowan Republican Steve King, and Norcross immediately responded, saying, “This bill is an attack on American workers in all 50 states. It will cut wages and make retirement less secure for millions of workers… [who] want the dignity of a good job, a safe workplace, and a decent paycheck. We should be fighting to support them – but this anti-worker bill would make those goals harder to reach for every family.”

Regarding the concerns of many with the unpredictability of the Trump Presidency, Norcross states, “With any new administration there are people questioning which way things will go, but this administration takes it to a whole new level. It’s going to be a wild ride and I am glad I can be there to represent the working men and women of my district.”


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