Sheet Metal Workers Local 19 help out our veterans

2 years ago
Chris Ferrari

By Gus Ostrum, Unions & Trade Staff

Sheet Metal Workers Local 19 talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to giving back to the community.

On Saturday morning, Oct. 29th, at the crack of dawn, Local 19 members, led by union officials Bryan Bush and Luke Gordon, went to Amazing Grace Ministries Campground in Franklinville, NJ to install metal roofs on micro housing units for returning and homeless veterans. The campground will provide housing for up to 60 veterans for two years, to help the veterans while they reestablish their lives after serving our country.

About two weeks later, the union members’ hard work began to pay off when campground officials opened one of the units during a Veterans’ Day service on Friday, November 11.The cabin was presented to a Veteran who is suffering from PTSD and it was of course fitting that this presentation was made on Veterans’ Day.

The construction of the units along the lake within the campground will likely take up to a year, according to campground officials.

“The members of Sheet Metal Workers Local 19 are proud to help out our veterans who need help in putting their lives back together,” said Bush. “Donating our time and efforts to a cause like this holds a lot of meaning to all of us. We’re glad to be there for veterans when they need our help.”

According to an article by CBS Philly from June 10, 2016, Pastor Donnie Davis of Amazing Grace Ministries in Williamstown, NJ, says the goal is to re-open a portion of the 277-acre campground on one side of the lake and build up to 60 “micro-houses” on the other side for veterans to live in. Davis is an Air Force veteran and former police officer.

“We will continue to donate whatever we can in labor and other costs,” said Gordon, who was also present last week to help start the massive project. “I understand many of our vets will have lakeside views once they move into these units, and they’ll be able to stay long enough to begin getting their lives together. Our Local 19 members are honored to pitch in here.”

SJ Trades & Politics is proud of the contribution Local 19 is making for our veterans

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