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Trump’s DOL Hires Cambridge Analytica Staffer

2 years ago
Charlie Sprang

Matthew Hunter was rewarded for stealing the 2016 election with a comfy government job

by Kris LaGrange on Jan 15, 2020

In the 2016 election, a data firm called Cambridge Analytica (CA) used questionably acquired data to help ensure that Trump won the election. For a refresher on CA, check out UCOMM’s series (see link below) on the company. While the company has closed and companies like Facebook and Google have faced Congressional investigations, Trump has been rewarding at least one staff member from the company.

Matthew Hunter served as the political affairs director for CA during the 2016 election. After Trump won, Hunter was given a cushy position as the Assistant Deputy Secretary for Field Policy and Management for the Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Now Trump is moving Hunter again, this time to the Department of Labor (DOL). At the DOL Hunter will be the deputy assistant secretary in the Employment and Training Administration. In this position, Hunter will be in charge of contributing to the more efficient functioning of the U.S. labor market by providing high-quality job training, employment, labor market information, and income maintenance services primarily through state and local workforce development systems.

According to Politico’s Morning Shift, Hunter sent a five-paragraph biography but failed to disclose to the media that he worked at CA, let alone held a high position within the company. Hunter also isn’t the only CA alum that was hired by Trump and is trying to cover up their past work. According to the HuffPost, Kelly Rzendzian, a special assistant to the secretary at the Department of Commerce, worked at SCL Group ― Cambridge Analytica’s parent company ― from March 2016 through February 2017.

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