Urge Your State Senator to Override Christie’s Veto of Equal Pay Bill

2 years ago
Gus Ostrum
New Jersey AFL/CIO
The Senate is poised to vote this Monday, March 13, 2017 in order to override the governor’s veto of pay equity legislation (S-992). We thank everyone who continues to take action in support of the override vote. If you’ve taken afl logo 300x95 - Urge Your State Senator to Override Christie's Veto of Equal Pay Billaction already, we ask that you share the take action page with your friends and family.
Visit the site below to contact your state Senator and urge him or her to override the governor’s veto of the Pay Equity Act (S-992).
This legislation among other things would prohibit unequal pay for “substantially similar” work, expand reporting requirements for employers entering into a contract with the State, and classify each unequal paycheck as a new instance of discrimination. Without commonsense measure such as these, working women will continue to fall further behind.
New Jersey women make just 82 cents for every dollar made by men. Even worse, African-American women in New Jersey make just 58 cents for every dollar made by their white male counterparts – the second-widest gap in the country.
This battle is of key significance and impacts not only women, but also our families and the reality that our children will face upon entering the workforce. Together we can achieve reform that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of all working families.

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