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Why Voting Pro-Labor is So Important

3 years ago
Chris Ferrari

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Ensuring the economic future for you and your family depends on your vote for Governor Tom Wolf. An election has never been as important, as this one.

With the current political climate setting in America today, it’s almost impossible to ignore politics. New voters have made their way into a chaotic scene bringing revolutionary ideas as well as conflict and strife. Because of this, the next election is paramount to locking in future generations. The policies and laws the next congressional body makes will be supremely woven into society for decades.

That’s why is so important… and urgent.. to have leaders who support Labor in office. The current administration seems to be making policies that hurt Unions. In May, the Trump administration published three executive orders that cut the amount of time Civil Service workers could claim on their paychecks.

Not long after, Trump signaled his support for the Supreme Court’s ruling on Janus v. AFSCME . The ruling prohibited Unions from collecting dues in their original fashion, dealing a major blow to the working class.

These are just two examples of anti-union policies coming from one person. But if a congressional body becomes anti-union, changes such as these will continue, coming much quicker, and lasting much longer.

Tom Wolfe has repeatedly fought for Labor Unions in Pennsylvania and will continue to do so if elected.

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